Launched in March 2004 London Groove

was set up to provide a guest list service

for people who wanted to go clubbing in

the West End so they could sign up on the

guest lists for their chosen club nights.

Initially catering for a range of London 

R&B clubs and providing a club listing

service London Groove then focused on

hosting its own club night in the West

End every Saturday from which

Soul Saturdays was born.

We didn't know it then but this was to be

the making of a unique set of club nights

linking together like minded people with

the focus being on fun and the music 

London Groove steadilly grew and has since

worked with many clubs in London plus we've

expanded the music policy at our club nights

to include Funky House, 90's Old Skool, Party

Anthems and Club Classics.

Now you have seen the pictures, take a

moment to view the Promotional videos

produced by

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